Chris Anderson, Owner/Qualifying Broker

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122 Tulane SE
Albuquerque NM, 87106

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Chris has a philosophy that with team work anything can be accomplished.  In 2004 Chris was the Rookie of the  year  for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Board of Realtors and also for Keller Williams.   These awards were a direct reflection of his passion for the Real Estate industry.  In 2010 Chris opened up his own company Metroplex Realty.   Since opening his own company Chris has sold over 476 properties and works with a multitude of buyers from selling multi-million dollar homes to first time homebuyers.   Chris displays his dedication and professionalism  “we are changing people’s personal lives for the better”   Chris thrives in the team environment, developing team building skills while playing football at West Texas State, “We are all in this together”. Chris’s guiding principle is to “do things right” and treat your clients like you would want to be treated.

Chris has built a company of dedicated, professional agents.  Chris has a full time staff that works behind the scenes to help you navigate and ensure that your transaction has a positive outcome.    There is more to Real Estate than just saying you are a Realtor, people lives are changing daily and we are there to help them every step of the day.

Chris has had vast experience of dealing with different  businesses, after graduating from West Texas State Chris went into pharmaceutical/medical sales for 18 years.  This taught Chris to develop management and leadership skills, resulting in several major awards in his medical career.

Chris continues to thrive on the team environment hiring and training agents in the ever changing industry of Real Estate.   “We want our customers to enjoy their transaction and value the process that we as agents have to train for”.

Proactive and driven in  everything Chris does, Chris is a successful team player-and will do anything he can for any client who becomes part of  his team.  As a working dad, Chris shows that being a good Realtor are one in the same.  Both require full attention to another’s needs, and both need careful attention to detail, a positive attitude and the willingness to make a difference in someone’s life.  Because of Chris’s open minded and goal oriented personality he has succeeded at both.